Training and Development

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Welcome to the College of Charleston's home for Training And Development!

The College's Training And Development program is committed to offering a wide array of professional opportunities that provide our students, faculty, and staff with resources to enhance job skills and performance, work-life balance, leadership and job satisfaction.  We also offer programs for personal growth and some just for fun!  Whether you are interested in a comprehensive supervisory workshop series, motivational topics to link to your department meetings or custom-designed programs, we are dedicated to providing a program that will meet your developmental needs.

If you are an current employee looking to attend one of our individual or team-oriented training courses, please head over to our Training Calendar for an up-to-date overview of our current offerings.  You'll also find an easy-to-use request module for Workshops, Retreats, and Professional Development opportunities for your group of any size.

If you are a current supervisor or manager, please check out our useful Supervisor's Toolkit.  The Toolkit provides a wide range of resources for new and experienced managers at the College, ranging from guides for writing position descriptions to step-by-step screenshot guides for some of our workflow processes.

If you are an administrator or training professional at the College looking to add a workshop or course to our dynamic training system, CougarED, please refer to the CougarED Request Form.

Please feel free to reach out with any suggestions or feedback!