Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits and Leave • Dual/Temporary/Adjunct Employment
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Benefits and Leave

How am I able to determine my leave balances?
To get an accurate account of your leave balances:

You will see you leave balances for the designated date. In the event that you have used leave since the designated date, deduct the hours that you have used from your balance.

Am I paid for my sick and annual (vacation) leave if I resign my job?
Employees are paid for up to 45 days of unused annual leave upon leaving employment, but are not paid for sick leave. Annual leave payoffs are usually received on the payday following the last regular paycheck. Grant-funded employees with benefits may not be entitled to payment of unused annual leave.

When can I start using my sick and annual leave?
Leave may be used in the month following the first month of earned leave. For example, the leave that is earned in the month of June cannot be used until July 1. Check your leave balance report if you are not sure that there is leave available to use.

What do I do if I want to use leave and have run out?
In the event that you are taking leave and have exhausted all of your available leave time, please contact the Office of Human Resources. Your paycheck will be adjusted to reflect your leave without pay status.

Dual/Temporary/Adjunct Employment

As a temporary employee (regular temporary or Adjunct faculty) when will I get my first paycheck?
There are several factors in regards to determining payment for adjunct faculty: 

  • Does the appointment constitute dual employment?
  • Has all paperwork been completed and has a contract been signed in time for the upcoming payroll? 
  • Does this date fall before the drop/add dates of classes for the appropriate semester?

If any of these are a factor prior to the first established payment for the adjunct,
there could be a delay in the payment process. If none of these are a factor for the
adjunct, then payment will begin as expected after the drop/add date, per the
payroll schedule for the Office of Human Resources.

  • Temporary employees are paid based on their hours worked and recorded from their time sheets submitted to payroll. Factors 1 and 2 from the adjunct's payment also play a part in how a temporary employee is paid. Once all paperwork has been completed and the employee receives their timesheets, these timesheets need to be submitted to payroll in order for the employee to be paid. This also applies to employees who are dually employed, with the exception that the approved dual employment request must be received before this process begins.
  • If you are an adjunct, your payment will begin on the following payday after your approved dual employment request has been received from your home agency to the secondary agency.
  • Payroll for all employees is received on the 15th and at the end of each month.

Can I sign up for direct deposit of my paychecks?
All employees of the College of Charleston are eligible to participate in direct deposit.

Since I just started as a temporary employee (non-faculty), is my first paycheck held back and will I receive it after I quit or my employment ends?
All payments due the employees are paid at the earliest possible convenience on the payroll cycle as an adjustment in their regular payroll once they start receiving a paycheck.

My supervisor asked me to work on the weekend, is this considered overtime for me?
Overtime is defined as all hours worked in excess of 40-hours within a seven consecutive day work period, which begins at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, and ends at 12:00 midnight on Saturday. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) provides that employees in non-exempt positions be paid overtime at a premium rate of 1.5 times their hourly rate or granted compensatory time (permanent employees) at a rate of 1.5 hours for each hour of overtime worked.

My supervisor wants to give me a raise, how do I get a raise as a temporary employee (non-faculty)?
A new temporary appointment should be submitted with the effective date that the new salary should take effect.

My temporary appointment expired; does this mean my job has ended?
Your employment is based upon the needs of the hiring department and if services are no longer needed employment will end. However, if the department is continuing your employment a new appointment should be submitted as soon as possible, so that there is no break in service.

If I wanted to apply for another job on campus, can I do so and do I need to complete another application?
Any employee can apply for other positions available on campus. A new online application is required when applying for other positions on campus.

I work at another state agency but I have no benefits, is this considered dual employment?
No, if you are working at another agency in a temporary position, whether it's as a temporary staff or adjunct, you are not considered to be dually employed. Only persons holding a classified (FTE) position at any S.C. state agency (except for public schools) are considered to be dual employment. Please contact the Office of Human Resources for further information if needed.

I worked at the College of Charleston before; do I have to complete paperwork all over again?

  • If there was no break in your service as an employee (temporary or adjunct) to the College, new paperwork will not have to be completed.
  • However, if there was a break in service, you will have to complete new paperwork in order to update your files and a background check will be required.
  • If you have made any changes in your life such as a move or marriage, etc., you should notify the HR department so that these changes can be made to your records, even if you did not have a break in service.

Can I participate in the retirement system as a temporary employee?
Check benefits policies within the Office of Human Resources regarding participation.

I am enrolled with the SCRS (SC Retirement System) at another agency, but I am only temporary do I have to participate as an employee of the College of Charleston also?
Yes, as a member of the SCRS you are required to participate in the retirement system at the secondary agency also.

Employee Performance Management System

What is the purpose of the Employee Performance Management System?

  • To provide an accurate and objective method to evaluate employees;
  • To improve the work performance of employees in order to enhance efficiency and productivity ;
  • To assist management in assigning work and delegating responsibilities based on a mutual understanding of the employee's skills and abilities;
  • To encourage continued growth and development of all employees; and
  • To provide documentation to support recommendations for salary increases, promotions, transfers, demotions and dismissals.

Does everyone get reviewed?
All permanent classified employees shall be given an annual appraisal.

Who is the person responsible for rating my performance?
All performance appraisals shall be made by the employee's supervisor who has first-hand experience or knowledge of the work being performed;

  • The appraisal is then reviewed by the next higher level supervisor, unless the appraiser is the agency head;
  • This review takes place before the performance evaluation is discussed with the employee.

How does this process begin?
When an employee begins a new position, the supervisor should explain the performance evaluation and their expectations for each trait and characteristic. Using the position description as a guide, a plan should be made for job duties and goals.

Will my ongoing performance be discussed?
The employee's supervisor should continue to provide performance feedback to the employee throughout the review period.

Are there various performance levels?
All employees shall be rated on the following levels of performance:

  • Exceptional: Performance that is characterized by exemplary accomplishments throughout the rating period; performance that is considerably and consistently above the criteria of the job duty or trait/characteristic.
  • Superior: Performance that is above the criteria of the job duty or trait/characteristic throughout the rating period.
  • Successful: Performance that meets the criteria of the job duty or trait/characteristic.
  • Needs Improvement: Performance that meets the criteria of the job duty or trait/characteristic but improvement is necessary.
  • Unsatisfactory: Performance that fails to meet the criteria of the job duty or trait/characteristic. An Unsatisfactory rating requires explanation. A specific plan of action must be developed to bring employee up to standard. If the total evaluation is Unsatisfactory, a Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance must be completed and discussed with the Office of Human Resources.

Will I be given notice if my supervisor feels that my performance is substandard?

If an employee is not performing satisfactorily during their probationary period, the employee shall be terminated before becoming a covered employee.

  • Until an employee has completed the probationary period and has a "Meets Performance Requirements" or higher overall rating on their evaluation, the employee has no grievance rights under the State Employee Grievance Procedure Act. This means that the agency is not required to follow the "Substandard Performance Process" to terminate a probationary employee.
  • Once the employee has completed the probationary period and has a "Meets Performance Requirements" or higher overall rating on their evaluation, supervisors should provide the employee with a written warning notice of substandard performance at least 30 calendar days prior to that employee receiving a "Below Performance Requirements" rating.
  • An official warning notice shall be in writing addressed to the employee and labeled as a warning notice of substandard performance. This notice shall also specify the deficiencies in the employees performance and ways of improving performance. A time period for improving will be specified along with the possible consequences if no improvement is shown. This warning notice is signed by the supervisor and the employee.
  • During the warning period, the employee and the supervisor shall have regularly scheduled meetings during which they shall discuss the employee's progress.
  • These meetings shall be documented and included in the employee's official personnel file.

What happens if my supervisor does not complete a performance evaluation during my review period?
If an employee does not receive a performance appraisal prior to their performance review date the employee will receive a "Meets Performance Requirements" rating by default.

Do I receive a copy of my Employee Performance Evaluation document?
Employees may see their evaluations through PeopleAdmin.

Who do I contact to get more information?

Please call our front desk at 843.953.5512, who will direct you to the appropriate resource.


What is the status of my application?
The status of each position applied for is located in the status column of the particular job. There are two status updates, "in progress" and "filled". Your application will always show the status “in progress” until the job is “filled”.  

Should I complete the entire application?
You must complete the entire application and provide all requested information, including all employers (past and present), telephone numbers, dates of employment, reasons for leaving, salary information and complete addresses. Resumes may be attached to the application but they cannot be submitted in lieu of completing the application.

What does "closing date" mean?
When a job posting indicates that there is a closing date, it means that Human Resources has set a final deadline for applications. Applications received after that deadline are not processed.

How do I apply for multiple positions?
The online application process allows you to retrieve and submit your application for multiple jobs.

Do I have to apply for a specific position?
You must apply for a position that is currently open.

Is the online application system accessible to individuals with disabilities and to disable veterans?
Yes, the College of Charleston has taken measures to ensure that its online job application system is accessible. We have the following available: 

If I have questions or need special accommodations during the online application process, what should I do?
Contact the Office of Human Resources at 843.953.5512 or at

If I am hearing impaired, do you have a method of contact? 
Yes, the TTY phone is 843.953.4874.

If I am disabled and cannot file an online application, may I still apply?
Disabled persons may also apply by mail or in person at the Office of Human Resources. For further information on how to apply in person or by mail, and how to receive personal assistance when completing an application in person, disabled persons, including disabled veterans, you may contact Human Resources at the phone number, email or postal address printed immediately above.

What form should current employees submit to apply for positions? 

Current employees should submit an online application. The application may be used for multiple positions. We no longer have a separate application for College of Charleston employees.

How do I apply for a temporary position?
Currently open temporary positions may be applied for by submitting an online application.

May I submit a resume?
Our online application process allows you to attach your resume when applying for a job.

Once my application is submitted, how long will it be before the screening process is completed?

  • Each hiring department has its own distinct timeline for filling a particular recruitment and conducts its screening accordingly. Some searches last several weeks while others may take several months.
  • If you are selected for an interview, the Hiring Department will contact you to arrange the interview. If you do not hear from the Hiring Department, you may assume that other candidates were selected for an interview. You will receive an email notifying you once the position has been filled.

May I submit my application by fax?
No. All applications must be submitted on-line.

What if I don’t have access to a computer?  

Most local libraries have computer access for people who need to complete the online application. The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce will also have computer access for people who need it.

Can I mail/email/fax an application or resume to Human Resources or the Hiring Department? 
Only applications and/or resumes submitted through the online applicant tracking system at will be considered for employment. Unsolicited applications/resumes for unspecified positions are not accepted. 

Can I edit my application after I apply? 
No, once you submit your application materials your documents are locked and cannot be edited. The screening process may begin immediately once you submit materials; therefore, you cannot go in and edit information after applying. This is to ensure that everyone in the screening process is evaluating the same information that you have submitted. 

How do I change the email address (or other contact information) associated with my online application? 
You may contact Human Resources at 843.953.5512 for assistance between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (EST). You may also email Human Resources anytime at

How often should I check the College’s employment site to ensure that I do not miss out on an opportunity to apply for a job while it is open? 
Our website is updated as jobs become available.

I am in the process of completing my application online and have a problem. Who should I contact for assistance? 
You may contact Human Resources at 843.953.5512 for assistance between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (EST). You may also email Human Resources anytime at

Will I hear from Human Resources or the Hiring Department after I apply?  
The College receives a large volume of applications each year so we cannot communicate with every applicant. Only those selected for an interview will hear from the Hiring Department. You can view your status online by logging in to your account ‘in Progress’ means that the search is still underway and no offer has been accepted. The ‘Job Filled” means that an applicant has been chosen and hired.

May I submit a paper application?
Paper applications are not accepted. All applications must be completed online.

What happens when an application is submitted for a job that is closed (i.e., applications are not currently being accepted)?
It is not possible to apply for a job online after the announcement closes.

If I’m a College of Charleston student, how do I apply for student jobs?
Student employment is through the Career Center at or 843.953.5692.

Where can I find a list of available job openings?
You can view current job openings for Staff, Temporary and Faculty employment online at

Where is Human Resources located?

MAILING ADDRESS                        
Office of Human Resources               
College of Charleston                       
66 George Street                             
Charleston, SC 29424


PHYSICAL ADDRESS                        
Office of Human Resources               
Lightsey Center, Suite B36                  
160 Calhoun Street                             
Charleston, SC 29401


Phone: 843.953.5512
Fax: 843.953.3623

How do I apply for an academic position?
Although some academic positions are posted on the Human Resources website, all academic positions are posted on the Academic Affairs web page. Click the link "Academic Positions" located on the right side of the Academic Affairs web page. They can be found on each individual department's web page. 

Should I submit recommendation letters and how do I do it?
Recommendation letters are only required if stated in the job announcement and directions for submission will be given as needed.


When do I get paid?
Paydays are twice a month, on the 15th and the last working day of the month for all employees. If payday falls on a weekend or holiday, the pay is deposited on the last working day before the weekend or holiday.

What is "Direct Deposit"?

  • Direct Deposit is a system that permits money to be transferred from one point to another without the use of paper checks. The system makes it possible for the payroll department to deposit an employee's net pay directly into his/her checking and/or savings account every pay period.
  • It is important to note that all information regarding your check "stub" is on MyPortal ( You will not receive a paper stub.

Do I need to use Direct Deposit?

Yes, effective January 1, 2013, payroll direct deposit is mandatory for all College of Charleston employees including faculty, staff, temorary employees, and students.

How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

You must complete the "Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits" form, attach a voided check and return to the Office of Human Resources. You MUST contact your financial institution to verify routing/account numbers. Your financial institution must be a member of the Automated Clearing House (ACH). Most banks, some savings and loan companies, and some credit unions are members.

When will my direct deposit begin?
In most cases, the first pay period after the Office of Human Resources receives your direct deposit authorization form. However, please keep in mind that most payrolls are processed up to one week prior to the actual pay date.

What options are available within the Direct Deposit system?

  • You may choose to have direct deposit in three accounts.
  • You may choose to have direct deposit in a combination of one or two or three accounts. NOTE: You cannot exceed a total of three accounts. If you choose more than one account, you must specify how much is to be deposited into ACCOUNT 2 and/or ACCOUNT 3; and the remainder of your net pay will be deposited into ACCOUNT 1.

Where can I find my pay stub?
You pay stub may be found by going to MyPortal (, signing in with your computer username and password. Go the Employee Dashboard. Your online pay stub will show you how much you have earned, a detail of your decutions, your financial institution's name, and the amount deposited into your financial institution. 

May I vary the amount of money deposited into checking and savings accounts from one paycheck to another?
No. If you authorize a split direct deposit, the portion deposited into ACCOUNT 2 will be a fixed amount and the remainder of your net pay will be deposited into ACCOUNT 1 until such time that you change your authorization form. NOTE: When you change your authorization form, your direct deposit(s) may be interrupted for two pay periods while the change is being processed. You will receive a check rather than a direct deposit stub for these pay periods.

After I complete the "Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposit" form, will my next paycheck be directly deposited into my account?
More than likely. It will depend on when you turned in your form to Human Resources. If the payroll department deadline has passed when you turn in your form, then your direct deposit will be in effect with the next payroll period. In the meantime, your checks will continue to come directly to you on payday. Be sure to open your pay envelope to be certain a check is enclosed.

May I have my direct deposit accounts in different banks?
Yes. Your accounts can be in the same or different Financial Institutions, but both institutions must be members of the Automated Clearing House (ACH).

What days will my net pay be deposited?
Your net pay will be deposited into your account on the 15th and the last working day of each month.

How will I know how much money has been deposited?
Look in MyPortal ( at pay information under the Employee Dashboard.

I live in another state (or am a resident of another state) but work in South Carolina. Which state taxes do I withhold?
Wages are taxed in the state in which they are earned. If the employee is working in South Carolina, regardless of where he/she is a resident, the income earned in South Carolina is taxed by South Carolina (article 5 of the South Carolina Code of Laws Section 12-8).

Workers' Compensation

Do I need to report an injury at work if I do not need medical care?
Yes, all work related injuries, no matter how minor, must be reported right away.

Are all College employees covered by Workers' Compensation?
All college employees are paid through the College of Charleston payroll system are covered by workers' compensation. This includes faculty, staff, adjunct, temporary and student employees.

What do I do if I am injured at work and how do I get medical treatment? 
Please read "What is Worker's Compensation".

What do I do if medical bills are sent to me for an injury I had at work?
Take the bills to the workers' compensation coordinator. The coordinator will contact the medical provider and make sure that they bill the state accident fund in the future. In addition, the coordinator will forward the bill you received in error to the state accident fund for payment.

How do I get paid and do I have to use my leave when I am out of work recovering from an injury at work?
Please read "Types of Compensation".

What is a Workers' Compensation Hearing?
Please read "Workers' Compensation Hearing".

I was injured at work and I need to get a prescription filled. What do I do?
Contact the workers' compensation coordinator so that the prescription can be authorized and billed to the state accident fund. All pharmacies will not bill the state accident fund so make sure that you contact the workers' compensation coordinator before dropping off your prescription.


How should I notify my supervisor that I am resigning?
Provide a written letter of resignation to your supervisor and send a copy to the Office of Human Resources.

What should the letter say?
Include your reason for leaving and the date of your last day of work. It is professional courtesy to give at least two (2) weeks notice of your last day of work. If you are moving, please provide a forwarding address so that your W-2 is sent to the correct address in January.

What should I do next?
Make an appointment with the Office of Human Resources to have a Benefits Exit Interview.

What happens at the Exit Interview?
You will be advised of your rights regarding retirement plan funds' distribution and health insurance conversion. We will also ask you to complete an Exit Interview Survey. The survey is for statistical and research purposes only. The survey is confidential and is not included in your permanent personnel file. Nothing you write will be discussed with your department unless you give us permission to do so.

What should I do on my last day?
On your last day of employment you should return your keys, parking pass/card and any other College of Charleston property. Be sure your last time sheet is completed, signed and if possible faxed to the Office of Human Resources. This is needed for leave payoff information.