Classification and Compensation

Overview and Helpful Links

The State of South Carolina’s Office of Human Resources identifies and sorts positions according to a position classification system. Position classification is a system of identifying and describing the different kinds of work in an organization and then grouping similar positions together under common job titles and assigning each classification to a salary band. Clear-cut descriptions of positions and their qualification requirements provide a standard for hiring and for promotion. A classification system enhances the institution’s ability to recruit appropriately and to establish evaluation criteria. Each position is assigned to a classification according to the types of duties involved and the level of responsibility reflected in the position description.

The state provides us with broad specifications for each classification. These specifications can be reviewed in the South Carolina State Classification Manual. These specifications are not to be used to write position descriptions, but are intended as broad outlines of the various classifications. Each classification is assigned to a specific band.

When should a position be reclassified?

Position descriptions should be reviewed prior to recruitments and during annual evaluations or whenever duties are assigned to an employee. Reclassification should be considered when there has been a substantial change in the level of responsibility or authority for a position. Even if there is no change in the levels of responsibility/authority, a position description should be updated when new duties are assigned. Changes to a position can occur naturally over a period of time or as a result of organizational changes. Lateral reclassification generally occurs when the duties change in nature, but are not significantly higher or lower in responsibility or authority.

All changes to positions, including reclassifications, should initiate from the direct supervisor.