Great Reasons to Work at the College of Charleston!


Many hotels, software companies, phone companies and others offer educational or state employee discounts. Make it a habit to ask if there are any educational or state employee discounts available! See the Special Discounts page under Benefits or in Quick Links.


Almost every day and evening there is a lecture, poetry reading, concert or play on the College of Charleston campus. Check the newspaper or the College's home page for a calendar of upcoming events and activities.

Arts and Theater

"The School of the Arts presents an exciting season of musical events, plays, dance performances, lectures and gallery exhibits, including the popular Monday Night Concert Series, the International Piano Series, and International Guitar Series and the Addlestone and Simons lectures in Art History and Historic Preservation. In the summer, we produce many of the events that are a part of the Piccolo Spoleto Festival and provide intern support to the City of Charleston's Office of Cultural Affairs and Spoleto Festival USA. "

Quoted from The School of The Arts webpage
Please visit the School of the Arts for a listing of events


Campus news events: Whenever there is an event that significantly impacts the employees of the College, President Hsu will hold a meeting to announce or discuss the event and field questions of interest or concern.


See our Life Balance and Wellness page 

Children (also see Health Insurance Benefits)


Staff development: Certain classes, seminars and/or workshops that directly relate to your job may be eligible for reimbursement. Application and approval is required prior to registration.

Staff training: After six (6) months in a permanent position, you may apply to take courses for credit at the College of Charleston. Your supervisor's approval is required and courses are generally taken after working hours. A passing grade is required and you must be employed throughout the course. 

Training and development: The Office of Human Resources offers a variety of classes and workshops that range from job specific skills to interesting brown bag lunch presentations.

Other: Browse around the College of Charleston website and you will find a great many opportunities to further your knowledge and skills.

Men's and Women's Athletics

Support our Teams!

Visit the College of Charleston Athletics for further information.


Our dependent children have the opportunity to attend our Early Childhood Development Center on a space-available basis.

Adoption Assistance Program

Financial assistance is provided to eligible state employees to help pay some of the expenses with adopting a child.


Employees of the College have access to a variety of menus from City Bistro, Liberty Street Fresh Food Company, Starbucks and Stern food court as well as Marty's Place with Kosher, Vegan, Vegetarian cuisine. Visit the Dining Services website for more options.

Libraries and Bookstores

The Addlestone Library is available to all employees.

The College Bookstore offers a 10 percent discount to employees (textbooks excluded).

Just walking through the College of Charleston campus is a study in history with several Places of Interests but of particular note: