Your First Days-Staff

Getting Oriented

Welcome to the College of Charleston Team. We have several programs to assist in your transition and some required policy information and courses.

Your First Day

On your first day you will visit the Human Resources Office as instructed in your offer letter. If you are starting on a Welcome to the College Orientation day, you will meet other new colleagues. We will make sure that all of your paperwork is in order (so that you can get paid!). In addition, we will take you to the Cougar Card Office where you will get your ID. Your Cougar Card is much more than an ID. Take a look a the Cougar Card website to see all the ways you can use it.

Welcome to the College Orientation

Human Resources hosts orientation every second and fourth Monday of the month for permanent staff, and you will be notified of your scheduled date. This orientation will introduce you to programs, services, policies and benefits offered by the College. You will have the opportunity to meet many of the Human Resources team, as well as, representatives from Fire and Life Safety, Public Safety, and Human Relations. 

Technology Orientation

On your first day of employment, you will be scheduled for a one hour session with a Information Technology Help Desk Representative. They will work with you to ensure that you have computer access and that you understand your responsibiilities to information security. If you are starting on a Welcome to the College Orientation day, Technology Training will be directly after the Human Resources Orientation. If you are starting on a non-Orientation day, Human Resources will take you to Information Technology for your training session.

Your Department Orientation

Your supervisor will be looking forward to seeing you, and we are sure you will have many questions as you get settled in your new position. Partner with your manager to identify your initial assignments and discuss the mission of your department and how your work fits into that mission. We have prepared a "First Days-20 Question Prompter" to assist you efficiently asking questions to get you information about your new job.


checkbox Enroll in Benefits selections utilizing our Benefits Checklist within 30 days from your date of hire (your Benefit's Counselor will schedule an appointment with you to accept paperwork and answer any questions)

checkbox View the Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Training (located on MyCharleston, Employee Tab)

checkbox View the Time and Leave Tutorials (located on MyCharleston, Help and Training Tab, lower right corner)

checkbox Sign up for your Yammer Account, read the information and view the videos